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​Take our advise; this is our expertise

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”
― Albert Einstein

Out-of-Home 101

There is a lot of great outdoor advertising being produced everyday across the globe, but it's sinfully evident that there's is also a lot of bad advertising too. The latter because of lack of communication basics and how the medium works. Out-of-home advertising isn't seen from a static armchair; but by people on the move and the time of their exposure to the message is a critical element for consideration. Speeds and exposure time vary greatly by location, but if you consider your target consumer's attention is from six to twelve seconds, you're going to be on target for maximum readership/effectiveness.

Every company is positioned in a particular industry; the activities and specialization of which that by definition will always be it's core business. Unless you are a seasoned marketeer or your company is in the business of advertising or marketing; leave this in the hands of those who know. This is our core business; not yours. 

Out-of-home advertising in Bangladesh is quiet unique. Our exploding population index is the gold mine at the centre of it all. Identify the demographics that fit your target audience. Now think; think of ways to reach the right audience at the right time and most importantly at the right price. OOH channels is at the core of most successful campaigns till date in such a region. Compliment your campaigns with other mediums of communication. Advertising doesn't have a 'one size fits all' formula; it’s understanding of the multitude of mediums available and effectively planning a strategy that delivers maximum return on investment utilizing cross media integration.

Thumb Rule

You’ve got a fraction of a second to attract your audience for it to follow your message. Make it attractive. Don’t forget to explore the abundant media channels to create the ideal cross media integration. Rationalise spending wisely; use the tools to calculate if the returns justifies the spends.

Leave it in the hands of those who know

OOH - Bangladesh

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